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Support Ukrainian Agro Industry

With SAVE UA and EuroTier 2022

Funds will be provided to agricultural producers from the de-occupied territories.
In particular, the following companies will receive significant support

The support will be provided to agricultural producers
at de-occupied territories:
Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv regions

Roundtable "Marshall Plan" for the agricultural sector of Ukraine
prospective business areas for suppliers in 2022-2023 at EuroTier
Convention Center (CC), room 104. November 17 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m

The round table is held by the most significant agrarian associations in Ukraine: Ukrainian Agri Council, Association of Milk Producers, and Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders, which are also the parent organizations of the SAVEUA charity fund.

The following questions will be discussed during the round table:

- Support and implementation of infrastructure and service projects in 2023 on the territories controlled by Ukraine, the purpose of which is to preserve the service component and to support the activities of critical agricultural infrastructure.

- Development of sectoral strategies for the post-war recovery of the branches of agriculture production (dairy, irrigated agriculture, renewable energy, agricultural education, storage and processing of agriculture products - recognized priority directions).

- Discussion of the strategy for the recovery of the agricultural sector of Ukraine, supplying of the necessary agricultural equipment and materials in the post-war period.

Among the participants will be experts of the Ukrainian agricultural industry:
Andriy Dykun - Head of the Ukrainian Agri Council (UAC);
Lyubomyr Dykun - Vice-President of the Association of Milk Producers (AMP);
Hanna Lavrenyuk - General Director of the Association of Milk Producers (AMP).

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“On the 204th day of the war, the Ukrainian dairy industry lost more than 230,000 cows, of which 50 thousand cows were kept on industrial dairy farms. More than 100 dairy farms were destroyed.

10 million people are internally displaced in Ukraine so far, and we expect a new wave of at least 2 million during the next 3 months.

The working agrarian industry is extremely important to prevent hunger in Ukraine.
Hunger this winter is not only possible, but will become inevitable if we do not make maximum efforts to prevent it right now. ”,

SAVEUA Charity Fund and Ukrainian Association of Milk Producers (AMP) founder

Andriy Dykun
We keep standing!
Through heroic efforts Ukrainian agrarians keep a high level of production and restore production capacity as quickly as possible!
We expect to harvest about 60-65 million tons of grain.
And this is despite the fact that farmers sowed under shelling during the war.
We hope to restore the pre-war level of milk production within a year
With the sad numbers: more than 230 000 cows lost and more than 100 farms affected
80% of industrial pig farms are now at the level of pre-war productivity
Despite the reduction of productivity in March 2022
Support our efforts for future productive partnership!


Organizers of the fundraising campaign
  • 100,000+ visitors expected
  • 1,700+ exhibitors registered
  • 55+ countries
  • 1,800,000+ people feed
  • 7500+ tones of food distributed
  • 100+ agrarians supported
Together with the largest agricultural and food associations in Ukraine:
Our joint campaign is designed to support Ukraine's agricultural sector and prevent hunger in Ukraine!
  • 1
    A powerful fundraising campaign
    SAVEUA + EuroTier2022
  • 2
    Support to various Ukrainian agricultural producers
  • 3
    Sufficient level of food
    stability in Ukraine
  • 3
    Prevention of hunger!

DLG and EuroTier 2022 donate

1 euro from each sold fair ticket
to support agricultural producers in Ukraine. Join us and support our Ukrainian colleagues!

Funds will also be raised to provide 100 scholarships for the education of internally displaced children at the
Ukrainian Agrarian Lyceum

Your money will be used to help restore the functionality of agricultural production in Ukraine
The funds also will be raised during the fair 15-18 November 2022 in Hanover, Germany
Act now to support Ukraine!
We thank the companies that have already joined the fundraising effort
  • "Naporivske" Farming Enterprise (Lukashivka village, Chernihiv region), owner of the farm Hryhoriy Tkachenko. Animal husbandry.
  • "Elita Record" Farming Enterprise (Mala Rohan village, Kharkiv region), owner Luibov Zlobina. Animal husbandry.
  • "named after Herasymenko" Private Entreprise (Anysiv village, Chernihiv region), owner Yuriy Stelmakh. Animal husbandry.
  • "Bazaliivskyi Kolos" JSC (Bazaliivka village, Kharkiv region), director Vasyl Kalhan. Animal husbandry.
  • "Agroservis LTD" JSC (Volokhiv Yar village, Kharkiv region),director Oleksandr Sazonov. Animal husbandry.
  • "Pershe Travnia" JSC (Svitlychne Village, Kharkiv region), director Oleksandr Reva. Animal husbandry.
  • "Zhmiivske" JSC (Zhmiivka village, Kyiv region), director Luidmyla Veres. Animal husbandry.
  • “Lan” LLC AF (Barvinkiv district, Kharkiv region). Pig farm.
  • "Alfa" FE (Zolochiv district, Kharkiv region). Crop production
  • "Peresadivka Agro 2015" LLC (Mykolaiv district, Mykolaiv region). Animal husbandry, crop production.
  • "Zoria Inhulu" SLC, (Bashtan district, Mykolayiv region). Vegetable and fruit growing, processing
  • "Eneida" PAE. (Bashtan district, Mykolaiv region). Crop production.
  • Agrocomplex Slobozhansky, PJSC (Chuguevsky district of Kharkiv region). Pig farm.