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For donors

Dear donors,

The SaveUA team is grateful for your support and partnership!
Without you, we would not have been able to achieve such results!

This year, with your help, we have fed 1,950,000 people, provided medical equipment and medicines to more than 70 hospitals, helped 200 farms with medicines, animal feed, seeds, generators, agricultural hoses, and provided 8,000 tons of humanitarian aid of essential goods for the population.


From the first day of the foundation's establishment, we have been working with the largest international foundations and associations in the agricultural and food sectors, such as USAID, FAO, WCK, as well as Ukraine Foundation, Nova Ukraine, Rapid Relief Team, Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, Stichting Vluchteling, Dawn Inc, Rotary Club Estoi Palace International, Nazava, De Leeuw Kyiv and others. 


International companies cooperate with us because our foundation team has:

  • International audit passed by the founding Association of the Foundation;
  • Developed continuous food chains;
  • Well-established logistics;
  • Own warehouses for food and medicines;
  • Established relations with local authorities, thanks to which we have up-to-date information on the number of IDPs in all regions of Ukraine.


Unfortunately, the war is ongoing, so we continue to seek financial support for:

- Providing food packages to IDPs and residents of war-affected regions. Russia's war against Ukraine has resulted in massive civilian deaths and destruction of infrastructure. At least 17.6 million people need humanitarian assistance every day. This includes 6.3 million internally displaced persons, 4.4 million returnees and 6.9 million people who have fled their homes during the war and are in the war zones. One SaveUA food package worth $20 is a two-week supply of food for one family with children.

- Providing medical equipment and medicines to hospitals in the de-occupied territories. Doctors save people despite the danger to their own lives. Some hospitals were under occupation and were destroyed and stolen. Some medical facilities are still under constant shelling. Hospitals in the regions where IDPs have moved from the frontline areas have been under a heavy burden. In addition, hospitals have a constant need for medical equipment and medicines to provide timely assistance to wounded civilians and soldiers. 

- Providing critical resources to farms. The losses of the Ukrainian agricultural sector during the year of war are estimated at $40 billion. About $8 billion are direct losses from the enemy's destruction of farms, agricultural machinery, crops, and livestock.

More than 100 commercial dairy farms were completely destroyed or damaged by the war. About 500 thousand cattle were killed by the enemy during the war. 

Farmers lack working capital, seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection products. In addition, cattle farmers and pig farmers in the affected areas have faced an acute shortage of veterinary medicines and tools, feed, and spare parts for milking equipment. Their stocks are insufficient, leading to a reduction in livestock numbers and a humanitarian catastrophe for the population of Ukraine. 

- Mine clearance of agricultural areas. No region of Ukraine has escaped the consequences of massive terrorist attacks by Russia. Due to the aggression of the occupiers, the agricultural territories of Ukraine are contaminated with explosive devices and mined. According to official reports, as of March 2023, more than 2.6 million hectares of agricultural land need humanitarian demining.

Dear donors, the restoration of Ukraine's agricultural sector will help maintain global food security, as about 400 million people around the world, excluding the domestic population, depend on our country to provide food. We appeal to each of you for help and thank you for your support!

Let's win together!

Contacts for funds and donors:

Mob.: +38 (063) 526 15 01