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For donors

1 SAVE UA food set - it is 2 weeks for Ukrainian moms and dads without thoughts about how to feed their children.
During the 168 days of military aggression, SAVEUA has already distributed 250,000 food sets, that means it has gifted 250,000 peaceful weeks for Ukrainian families.
1 food set for a family of 3 for a week costs $20.

We work efficiently because we have:

  • developed food chains
  • well-organized logistics
  • 2 warehouses for food and medicines
  • experienced team in food and agricultural sectors. Total experience of all employees is more than 300 years
  • coordinated communication with local authorities, thanks to which we have latest information on the number of IDP in all regions.

Our parent organizations are the largest agricultural enterprises of Ukraine::
Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine (AMPU) - includes 90% of dairy farms according to "TOP-10 the most productive farms of Ukraine" rating.
Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders (AUPB) – represents 60% of the industrial pork market.
Ukrainian Agri Council (UAC) – the main agricultural association of the country, which unites 1,100 agricultural enterprises with a total land bank 3,500,000 hectares.

Why can you trust us?
We work with the largest international funds and associations in the agricultural and food sectors, such as USAID, FAO, WCK, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe and others.

Contacts for funds and donors

Mob.: +38 (063) 526 15 01