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Our goal is to create a national food security system that can withstand any shocks

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One SAVE UA food package is a two-week supply of food for one Ukrainian family with children

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From the first day of the war the Fund’s team has been providing comprehensive assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war.

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Provided 56,000 food sets together with RRT

to families with children and vulnerable people in Donetsk, Kharkiv,…

The founder`s comment to the world media

continue to inform the international community about the state of…

Swiss humanitarian aid to affected milk production farms in Ukraine 

Switzerland allocated an additional CHF 2.2 million (about UAH 88.5…

Interview with Andrii Dykun for the CIPE podcast

about the Foundation's work, support for agrarians during the war…

More than 56,000 food sets for 168,000 Ukrainians provided by the SaveUA team

in cooperation with our international partners and friends from the…

SaveUA Foundation and the UAС handed over 10 modern vehicles for Ukrainian rescuers

the trucks will go to the regions that suffer the…

5460 units of medical equipment and medicines at the request of Tetiiv hospital

with the support of our regular partners DAWN Inc and…

The founder of SaveUA Foundation spoke at a roundtable

on the needs of farmers in the de-occupied territories
Tons of humanitarian aid distributed:
8 000+
Affected Ukrainians were fed:
1 950 000+
Farms were supported:


Water purification filters

14,000 water purification filters for residents of the de-occupied territories

Food packages - Stichting Vluchteling (SV)

Project implementation period with SaveUA: February-March 2023

Food packages - Rapid Relief Team

The implementation period of the first part of the project…

Support for dairy enterprises

Quality milk for Ukrainians with the support of the Swiss…

Medicines and medical equipment

Thanks to Dawn Inc, Nova Ukraine, the Ukrainian Foundation and…

USAID – Food security of Ukraine

SaveUA together with the Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine…

Food packages - World Central Kitchen

International Charity Fund SaveUA and Ukrainian Agri Council (UAC) started…

Emergency assistance and protection of the population

The project "Emergency Assistance and Protection of the Population Affected…

Our results

Our team has donated power banks, handheld and headlamps to the Uman ambulance station. Helping people who save lives is important in the smallest daily needs.
With the support of our regular partners and friends Rapid Relief Team UK, we have provided 7060 IDP families with children in Chernihiv, Sumy and Donetsk regions with humanitarian sets of essential food.
We have provided assistance to residents of particularly vulnerable regions - Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, which suffer from enemy attacks every day. With the support of our partners Rapid Relief Team, 5280 families with children will have the necessary food.
This week, more than 1000 families in the city of Uman received food sets from our foundation. Thanks to the cooperation of our team with Rapid Relief Team, we continue to support vulnerable groups in the regions.
We are working in Uman. The goal is to distribute 5,000 food sets, which will provide about 15,000 people with the necessary food, as one set is a two-week supply of food for a family with children. We are grateful to our partners Rapid Relief Team for their support!
At the request of teachers and doctors, the SaveUA Foundation team provided MFPs to gymnasiums №5 and №11, the city's primary health care center and a psychiatric hospital. The Central City Hospital received a MFP and monitors. We are grateful to our partners Swisscom Immobilien AG for their help
The SaveUA charity foundation and the Ukrainian Agri Council have donated 10 modern special vehicles for Ukrainian rescuers. They will be transferred to the SES units in the frontline and de-occupied regions, in particular, Sumy, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Kharkiv regions. The IVECO trucks were purchased at the expense of members of the Ukrainian Agri Council, and the tools and equipment were donated by His Royal Highness Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Count Hubertus Nesselrod.
At the request of the doctors of the Tetiiv Central Hospital, the SaveUA team, with the support of our regular partners DAWN Inc and Nova Ukraine, delivered 5460 units of medical supplies and medicines, including elastic bandages, warming/cooling blankets, surgical gloves, injection solutions, body temperature sensors, epidural anesthesia kits, syringes, stethoscopes, etc.
4760 food sets for vulnerable people and IDPs. With the support of our regular partners and friends, the Rapid Relief Team, residents of Okhtyrka and Altynivka, Sumy region, received 1760 food sets, and another 3000 were provided to residents of Vasylkivka village in Dnipropetrovs'k region.
More than 5,200 packages containing diapers for adults and underweight newborns, hygiene products, dental supplies, body warmers, shaving razors, etc. for five hospitals in Uman. We are grateful to His Royal Highness Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, Count Hubertus Nesselrod, and the Romanian Red Cross Society for their cooperation with our SaveUA Foundation.
We handed over 7 water purification filters to the residents of the Chervonohryhorivska community in Dnipropetrovska oblast, thanks to our regular partners and great friends of Ukraine DAWN Inc and Nova Ukraine.
Our team provided 7,290 food sets for residents of Kharkiv, Kherson and Zhytomyr regions with the support of our Rapid Relief Team partners.
With the support of DAWN Inc and Nova Ukraine our team has provided 13,177 units of medical supplies to the Uman Central City Hospital. At the request of doctors, the hospital received: consumables for surgical interventions; surgical, operating and drainage kits; medical kits. We also received wheelchairs and other necessary equipment for hospital patients.
2640 food sets were distributed by the team of our charity foundation, with the support of our regular partners RRT, to residents of Mykolaiv region and the frontline areas of Zaporizhzhia region.
320 water purification filters were distributed to medical institutions in Kherson Oblast, including the Bilozersky Primary Health Care Center, city and regional clinical hospitals, and the city's 2nd level perinatal center.

Helping the agricultural sector of Ukraine

The SaveUA Charity Fund supports Ukrainian farmers who have suffered from Russian aggression. Agricultural enterprises have been completely or partially destroyed, equipment destroyed or stolen, fields mined by the occupiers. About 500 thousand dead cattle.

The amount of direct damage caused to the agricultural sector of Ukraine during the year of full-scale war is $8.7 billion. Indirect losses amounted to more than $40 billion.

The working agricultural sector of Ukraine ensures food security in the country and the world!