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About the Fund

SAVEUA is an international charitable fund. Our goal is to create a national food security system that can withstand any shocks.

Our activities are:
Agricultural sector - assistance in renewal of agricultural companies’ activities, initiating programs of support and development for enterprises and the agricultural sector in general.

Food - ensuring food security and a steady supply of basic food to Ukrainians - victims of military aggression.

Medicine - supply of vital medicines and medical equipment for the hard stretched medical institutions of Ukraine.

Education - development of modern study programs and establishment of educational institutions.

The Fund is guided by the principle: "from producer to consumer". This reduces logistics costs, time and provides local food producers with orders. Employees of Ukrainian enterprises will have work and people who need help will receive it.

We are proud that 80% of the Fund's employees are internally displaced people! And the total work experience in agricultural and food sectors of all our employees is more than 300 years.

Parent companies of the Fund: Ukrainian Agri Council (UAC) - one of the largest agrarian association of Ukraine. Its members are 1,100 agricultural enterprises with a total land bank 3,500,000 hectares. Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine (AMPU) which includes 90% of dairy farms according to the rating "TOP-10 the most productive farms of Ukraine". Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders (AUPB) represents 60% of the industrial pork market.

Ukrainian Agri Council (UAC) - UAC is the main partner and the Association’s team is the driving force of the SAVE UA Fund.