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The Ukrainian Agri Council celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Ukrainian Agri Council celebrates its 10th anniversary

Exactly 10 years ago, 10 agricultural enterprises united and created the Ukrainian Agri Council to consistently and systematically make changes to the agricultural sector at the legislative and executive levels.

Today, the UAC is a powerful driving force in the agricultural sector, with more than 1200 members in all parts of Ukraine, and the parent organization of our charity foundation.

"We have repeatedly proved our unity not in words but in deeds, our readiness to develop the agricultural sector of the country professionally and systematically, to protect the interests of farmers in every region of Ukraine, to convey our position to the highest officials and to improve legislative initiatives to support our agricultural producers. Thank you to all our members for your trust! For your continuous help and support of our union, the population and the Armed Forces since the first days of the war! This is an example of extraordinary strength, unity and responsibility!" said Andriy Dykun, the head of the UAC and the SaveUA charity foundation.

He also thanked the members of the Association for their support of the Foundation, which has been helping us to provide essential goods to the population in the affected areas for the third year of the full-scale invasion, provide food aid, ensure the logistics of humanitarian cargo and support national producers.

We wish prosperity, success, and inspiration to all participants and the team! Generous harvests and safe fields! Let's work together for Victory!

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